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I am the attractive woman that you will temp you into taking a second glance at in passing. The next door neighbour that you might just wonder about. The woman in the next car at the traffic lights that gives you that sultry smile when she catches you looking. The one across the restaurant that has the lovely smile.

I like to provide you with accurate information to help in your decision that I am a lady you might like to meet;

  • I am thirty seven years old
  • 5’8″ in height
  • Soft shoulder length brunette hair
  • Warm friendly hazel green eyes
  • Soft unblemished skin (one small tattoo that you
  • might not even notice except that I have told you – not
  • telling where though)
  • Womanly hourglass figure – size 12 dress
  • Natural “DD” cup bust
  • Neatly waxed and trimmed with a landing strip
  • No cosmetic surgery or enhancements
  • I am a sensual woman with a mind like mortal sin! I provide a fully inclusive, service and I enjoy what I do. I’m told that I am kind and
  • comfortable to be with (despite my many talents – both in and out of the bedroom).

fully inclusive – I kiss; enjoy mutual oral and masturbation, hand relief, erotic massage and sensual sex.. I’m a professional escort in Brussels available for incall and outcall. I’m also available in other cities in Belgium.

I’m imaginative, have good intuition and am quick on the uptake (though I am not a mind reader!) so if you would like to try something new, ask me I will let you know if I am comfortable with your request and it can easily be arranged.

I don’t want to be too specific about my tastes here, but I don’t do anything painful (to me), or unsafe to my health. I’m happy for you to tell me about your request and if I am comfortable with what you ask will be happy to accommodate.

My speciality is the warm girlfriend experience. I’m conversant in many subjects – yet I also know when talk is not required and it is time to give in to the primal instincts. I’m not easily shocked or fazed by erotic ideas/creativity as I’m genuinely open-minded.

So whether you fancy a long romantic evening or a quick exciting tryst between business engagements. I’m your woman!

  • Hot oral
  • Private Strip
  • Anal Stimulation
  • Evening and Overnight Stays

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Hi My name is Gregor, I am 41 and I’m in wheelchair. For the last few month I have seen Miss Morgan and hope to see her for many years to come. She is the best, always charming, kind, caring fun, honest, extremely sexy,Just what the doctors should order! Miss Morgan is style and class all the way from the time we meet until we part it is pureadult bliss and you are left feeling a sense of utter joy that is beyond words.I always look forward to seeing Miss Morgan escort in Budapest on a regular basis. We use the email to keep in contact. Miss Morgan is a true gem. From an extremly greatfull client Gregor.

I was looking for a different style of punt with a different kind of lady to what I usually choose and Morgan caught my eye. She’s listed on PrivateGirls but she’s been advertising for a while. Morgan is a brunette, voluptuous figure and mid 30s. Her description and photos of her face and her are quite accurate but she has put on a bit of weight since the photos (sorry love) but that didn’t matter, in some kinky way thats what I was after this time. Variety is good in Budapest. As I arrived at her place I was greeted by a lady in a sexy outfit with a very inviting smile. You can tell a lot from a women’s smile (its all in the eyes).Again not wanting to dribble on, Morgan is very good in bed and its evident she has an extensive set of skills, and like Tianna a very giving lover. She’s also not a clock watcher. Morgan has a very dry sense of humour and great to chat too as well but most of our time was spent doing other things.

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Following on from the comments here, I spent an hour with Morgan last night. Sufice to say that the time lived up to expectations from the reviews. I had a great GFE and came home on a wet and windy night with a large smile on my face.

I’ve had the pleasure with Morgan a couple of times.She’s was friendly, easy going with a cute sense of humour. She’s smart escort in Vienna and had tuned into me sexually straight away. I had a great time with her both times.Her web site is honest as to her size, so if you’re looking for Miss BodyPerfect, you should try someone else. If you want a terrific sexual encounter though, she great value for money.

Got an email from a client in reference to Morgan so thought I would post it up here. Took out real name for privacy reasons but I thought it was really sweet.

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Hi Morgan

I saw you a couple of time a couple of years ago. I still remember our times together.

I had a great time. Exactly what I was looking for in Prague, Czechia.

If anyone wants a recommendation, I can say that Morgan is very sensual, sexy and super affectionate. She has a great personality and made me feel right at the home I wish I had.

Glass of red, some interesting chat, super warm kisses and creamy skin.

Absolutely lovely lady

Though I would thoroughly recommend you visit her in her nice unit in Northbridge So she is only 5-10mins walk from the CBD

Reason why I recommend a incall escort in Prague? Well she greets you at the door in lovey lingerie Offers you a drink of water through to wine And a friendly chat which can be very wide ranging , as she has great conversation skills And the best part? When the chat fades and the desire to go up stairs takes over She takes leads you up the stairs allowing a lovely look up that lovely slip shes wearing And this is when the clock starts So if you chatted 1/2 an hour and booked for 1 hour you still have 1 hour to look forward to.

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I have been fascinated by Morgan’s website for some time but the opportunity to visit her has always eluded me, that is until last week, when eventually the planets aligned.

I am so glad they did! Morgan is a delightful person with a lovely bubbly personality and a great body. She quickly put me at my ease and, despite the considerable age gap, the conversation flowed freely. She is very kind and considerate and extremely sexy escort in London. I was not sure what to expect but from the moment she opened the door I knew I wanted her very badly. She did not disappoint. The time we spent in her bedroom was in deed memorable and the sex awesome! I hope it will not be too long before I can see her again. Thanks for a great morning Morgan. You are a real gem. Take care. Paddy.